Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Lamb and New Daffodils on Isle of Man

jm080220 (48), originally uploaded by Isle of Man Newspapers.

I'm not sure I have ever seen a cuter photo of daffodils. This image was taken on February 20, 2008. The lamb is a mere five days old. Photographer John Maddrell, Isle of Man Newspapers, you're bringing lots of smiles to faces around the world right about now.

I was curious about the location of the Isle of Man. Here's the Google Map. The island in the middle of the Irish Sea is the Isle of Man.

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Jon said...

The photo of the lamb in the patch of daffodils was so cute! Thanks for posting and sharing it.
I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your interesting pics.
Best regards, Jon on 3-5-08 at

BTW, my first daffodil opened on 1-30-08...early spring I hope!