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Irish Daffodils are Smiling

First sign of spring, originally uploaded by piasosua.

We wrote to the photographer piasosua to inquire about this beautiful image taken on January 28, 2009: The photo was taken in Ireland, in a very quiet rural place in the midlands, after a night of severe frost. These daffodils are part of a long row of them which runs along the whole front of an old house. They are all of them yellow.

Spring is coming in Correze, France

Spring is coming ........, originally uploaded by Arnac19.

We have daffodils coming up in France! The photographer Arnac19 tells us: They are currently poking through the edge of my rockery bed next to our driveway in Arnac-Pompadour, Correze, France. The garden is still a work in progress, but I was desperate for a bit of cheery spring colour. I planted them in November 2007 and they had their first flowering last spring, but not until March time. They are very early this year, but still have a long way to go until flowering.

I'm sorry I can't tell you what their name is - I just brought a bag of mixed from our local Supermarket when they were on promo, dug a hole, dropped the lot in, and kept my fingers crossed for a colourful display. I was not disappointed.

This photo was taken on January 26, 2009.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunny and Warm in Northern California

P1240101, originally uploaded by bondgurl.

Photographer bondgurl posts this photo of daffodils in bloom already in Northern California. She logs these comments with the image posted to Flickr: Emilie's Denali Training Hike at Mount Diablo State Park starting from the Regency Drive Gate in Clayton CA. 10 miles 3000+ feet elevation gain. January 24, 2009.

bondgurl sends us these additional comments: I don't know much about daffodils, but it has been a very warm sunny January here in California so it doesn't surprise me that flowers feel like blooming. Apparently these daffodils are possibly a remnant of an old cabin site that burned down several years ago.

Of extra special interest: bondgurl describes the Donner Canyon Road hike in her photoblog Rambling. Spend some time with the blog, and you'll be moving to the San Francisco area just to hike the trail of Mount Diablo State Park.

The insiders are starting to bloom in Seattle, Washington

first bloom, originally uploaded by Lecia/A Day That Is Dessert.

We wrote to the photographer Lecia /A Day That is Dessert to ask about this graceful daffodil: The photo was taken in my home in Seattle, WA. I have a pot of bulbs I bought from Hearthsong; this is the first of the bulbs to start to bloom.

This photo was taken on January 25, 2009

Great Creations in Norwood, North Carolina

This seasonal image by photographer jackiesmith60 was taken on January 20, 2009. Here is what Jackie shares with us about the photo and daffodils: What I can share about it is - it was taken in Norwood, NC and we had just had our first little snow of about 4 inches. We hadn't had snow since 2004 so what a delight to see some. Anyway, it only lasted the one day and as I was out and about snapping away as the snow was melting I found this little patch of daffodils poking their little heads out!! Really surprised me cause I hadn't seen them earlier. I was pleased to see 2 reminders of our creators makings in one day!

Daffodils are out in Tracy, California

26/365 • Daffodil, originally uploaded by seiji66.

This photograph was taken in Northern California on January 25, 2009. The photographer seiji66 writes this comment on the flickr post: Photographed this morning - being from the east coast, I still can't get over how something so beautiful can bloom in January out here in California.

Here is more information from seiji66: This photo was taken this morning in Tracy, CA. I've lost track if it is blooming late or early - I just transplanted them last summer from another spot in the yard (was getting too much sun.). Although we're pretty much in a drought this year, the daffodils don't appear to be suffering.

Money's Worth in Sheffield, UK

Spring is coming!, originally uploaded by ann creasey.

This January 17, 2009 photo was taken by photographer ann creasey, who comments on the flickr post: Bought these daffodil bulbs half price five years ago. They have been beautiful every year since.

Here's additional detail from Ann: It was taken on one of our allotments in Sheffield UK. We have had the plot since Sept 2003 and the bulbs are planted in one side of an old green house we found on the site when clearing the weeds. We just rebuilt the brick work and use it as raised beds.

We bought a sack of bulbs half price at the very end of the season in 03 and they have faithfully produced masses of flowers every spring since. I will take more pictures as the spring goes on. They were up before Christmas this year, I am sure this is early even for them. The bed, being raised, is warmer than the surrounding soil.

New Shoots in Baildon, England

This elegant photo was taken on January 25, 2009. The photographers Sarah and Mike...probably wrote this on the flickr post: The spring flowers are starting to show in our garden. Daffodils are Mike's favourite, and these ones are well on their way.

Here is more detail, definitely from Sarah and Mike...probably: The daffodils are in our garden. I took the picture this afternoon (25 Jan) in Baildon, which is a town near Bradford in the north of England.

I don't know how long they've been planted, but these ones are under a fir tree next to the road. There are quite a few others with them.

Cold Daffodils in Carrboro, North Carolina

IMG_7309.JPG, originally uploaded by TEB471959.

We're always intrigued by photos of snow and daffodils. Here is what photographer TEB471959 has to say about this January 21, 2009 photo: In Carrboro, North Carolina, a snow-less winter is not unusual, but last Tuesday, January 20th, we awoke to find about an inch (2.5 cm) on the ground. The daffodils took it in stride. I expect they will bloom toward the second half of February, along with the hellobores and the Siberian squill. The snowdrops are already in bloom. The tulips will be just a bit later. Spring is the best for gardening in North Carolina. The summers can get pretty hot, and sometimes pretty dry. We had a drought in 2007, as did most of the southeast, because no tropical storms came up the coast. Carrboro is near Chapel Hill, around the center on the state, in the "Research Triangle" area.

Almost Daffodils in Beaverton, Oregon

Daffodils - almost, originally uploaded by one beach.

We love the composition of this photo (picture in a picture). The photographer one beach tells us about this January 24, 2009 photo: The photo of my daffodils was taken in my backyard, in Beaverton, Oregon. I planted over 100 about 6 years ago, but the squirrels and moles liked them a lot, so I only get a few blooms anymore.

Back Porch Daffodils in El Cerrito, California

01/21 Flores, originally uploaded by didgeridoo.

Photographer didgeridoo. tells us about this January 21, 2009 photo: The pic was taken on my back porch in El Cerrito (next door to Berkeley), California. Umm, not much to say. I planted them late October. They are the first I've grown so we'll see how it goes!

Vêm aí os narcisos - Here come the daffodils in Guarda, Portugal

This January 20, 2009 photo was posted by photographer beny_alliot, with the comment: Os narcisos estão a brotar atravez da neve The daffodils are coming through the snow. This is from my own garden in Guarda - Portugal.

We wrote to beny_alliot for additional information: Hello, Normally daffodils open around March . I am french but I live in the highest city in Portugal (1040m). I have one planted inside the house though and it will open much sooner.

Our first daffodils in Portugal!

New Daffodils in Mount Vernon, Washington

daffodils, originally uploaded by Jessamyn T.

This January 16, 2009 photo originally appeared on Jessamyn's garden blog, Jessamyn's Garden. Jessamyn tells us: The photo was taken in my small urban garden in Mount Vernon, WA, with a macro lens, and the daffodils appear to be some King Alfred type, but I'm not sure of the variety because they came with the house. They're very tall and sturdy when they bloom.

Green Shoots and Tag in Melbourn, England

Green Shoots, originally uploaded by innpictime.

The photographer innpictime took this photo on January 11, 2009. He added the following comment to the flickr post: Wild daffodil shoots appearing. Spring is in sight! (I was going to title this "The Baroness Woz 'Ere" but then thought that was a little unfair! Green shoots news story.)

Innpictime added the following details for us: The photo was taken at the bottom of my back garden in Melbourn, 10 miles south of Cambridge, England.

Off topic, but we have to share this with you --> Innpictime was tagged in the Flickr 16 questions tag game, his Flickr post is a must see, including the comments and photos. Photos were masterfully composed and processed in the darkroom by his mother. We can see he has the photography gene in this comment on a photo taken at Broadstairs 1962: My father took this with my Brownie box camera (you'll recognise that low angle as he held it against his stomach [I must get it out again - I've still got it!]). Mother, at this time, was using an Ilford Advocate, a camera that she loved. It had a white body which made it very stylish and inconspicuous as a camera when most were black (there is one in the Science Museum). I remember it had a heavy body but was very nice to handle. She moved on to an old Leica...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Child's First Daffodils in Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany

Is it spring yet?, originally uploaded by mutti2leif.

We wrote to the photographer, Cathy, to ask about the pair of photos posted from Germany: The first one was taken January 9, the morning after my husband brought them home for my son and me. It's that point in the winter where you just have to be sure that spring is really on the way. My son, who is 3.5 years old, checked them religiously every day to see the flowers appear. We even measured them to make sure that they had grown.., he didn't believe me that they were growing.

[continued next photo]

Child's First Daffodils in Germany, continued

Same pot, different day, originally uploaded by mutti2leif.

Cathy, the photographer, continues this story of her son's first daffodils: On the evening of January 13, he watered the plant and, I must admit that I was quite amazed to see blooms the next morning. The pic was taken up against my window to the backyard which was white with one of the only snowfalls that has stayed all winter.

Both pics were taken in my home in Bad Soden am Taunus, Germany.

I'll keep my eyes open for more daffodils this spring!

Monday, January 26, 2009

水仙 From the Ground Up on Chinese New Year

水仙, originally uploaded by Black Angel ❤.

Here is a bulb's eye view of the daffodils on Chinese New Year's day. Image was taken by Yalin on January 26, 2009. See the two next posts for more on these daffodils.

Yalin has also sent us these links to a gallery on Picasa (found via a Google search). Photos were posted on January 24, 2009, by photographer Rosa:

水仙 CNY Daffodils

水仙, originally uploaded by Black Angel ❤.

Photographer Yalin has posted a new photo of her daffodils taken today on January 26, 2009 - Chinese New Year (see below post for the original photo and description). We wrote to hear a little bit more about the tale of the daffodil in Chinese tradition:

There are two tales. I try to translate them for you.

In Chinese tale, the daffodils are the avatar of infant EHuang & NvYing. It is said that Emperor Yao have two daughters who are named Ehuang and NvYing. Both Ehuang and NvYing married to the same husband emperor Shun. When the shun die, the Ehuang and NvYing suicide beside the Xiang river for the love. Then their fetches became the daffodils.
In the Jiangzhou city of Fujian province, there is a village is called CaiBan It is a countrywoman who is very kind came across a beggar who hardly died of hungry. But no one knew the beggar is a god. The countrywoman picked him back to her room. And then serve him a bowl of rice. The beggar spit the rice from his mouth suddenly. And the rice became the daffodils.

I am sorry for I can’t translate well. I think you will understand clearlier now. LOL~

Happy Chinese New Year, The Year of the Ox

daffodil, originally uploaded by Black Angel ❤ ....

We recently learned that the daffodil is a traditional part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. When we saw the above photograph, taken with a mobile phone in Canton on January 25, 2009, we wrote to the photographer Yalin to ask about the daffodil in China. Yalin, who is a law student, explains in splendid scholarly detail:

Happy Chinese new year . I am pleasure to answer your question.

Yes. Daffodil is an important flower in Chinese New Year tradition. Er… I think every family would like to buy it during that time. That is for the flower means lucky, elegance, beauty… It’s Chinese name is “ fairy in the water” for there is a tale. The tale says infant died for love beside the river. After that, she became the flower.

Daffodil is not from a garden nursery or a store. Following is the introduce,
1. We buy the daffodil root. And then put it into the basin which is full of water. In order to make the flower erect, we will put some stone into the basin.

Hey, do you now have a question why don’t grow it in the earth? LOL… There is two reasons:
One is for it will be more beautiful when grow in the water. Think, we would like to put it in our living room.
The other is it will be grow fast when grow it in the water. Of course, we have to make sure it can live in the warm circumstance.
If you want to grow it in the earth, you must make sure the earth is humid.

2. After about one month. Of course it depends on the circumstances. It can be abloom.

I know the daffodil is from Middle Eur., Med and north Africa. And it have some mutation in CHN. There is the two kinds of this flower:
Single leaves:
Multiplex leaves:

I am sorry for my poor English. And I am not the major. So ...I hope that will not make you confused and the information can help you.

Yalin, we understand your English perfectly and admire your attention to detail. We give you an A+ on this daffodil essay! Happy New Year to all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Memory and Rebirth in Homewood, Alabama

Not too far away..., originally uploaded by Wren's Nest Cottage.

We wrote to the photographer, Cindy, to ask if we could post this January 23 2009 photo on our blog, and to find out the story behind the daffodils and the berries in the photo. Read on, for a timeless tale of connection and rebirth.

Thank you for asking, because these are such special daffodils!

25 years ago, my parents sold the house and land that were my childhood home near Birmingham, Alabama. They had built the house right after WWII, on land that been given to them by my mother's father. At the time the place was sold, I was a young twentysomething, busy with my life and my first apartment. I deeply loved the old home place, but didn't think as much about leaving some things behind as I did in later years.

When I bought my own house (Wren's Nest Cottage, Homewood, Alabama) in 1997, it really made me begin to think about what I had taken for granted about my old home. I remembered the drystone walls my father built, and my mother's lovely flowers and shrubs. So...a few years back, my sisters and I went back to the old place. The house had tumbled down, and the lawns and the hill behind the house had been completely reclaimed by the forest. Our goal was to secure some stones from the old walls to use in our gardens, but we found something else, equally wonderful - Mama's daffodils were blooming thick amongst the undergrowth. We dug up a bucketful, wondering if they'd survive being transplanted while in bloom. As you can see, they are thriving! And the red berries are from my mother's nandina bush. My sister pulled up a wee one almost as an afterthought while we were gathering the daffodil bulbs. It is now waist high and gives us many baby nandinas every year. And yes, we did get lots of lovely old stones for our gardens as well.

So please feel free to use my photo - I'm grateful to you for asking. It gave me a tear and a smile to remember. My parents have both passed on, but I have much love and beauty from their lives to fondly recall.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Daffodils in Bristol, UK

Daffodils, originally uploaded by toni_thorne.

We asked photographer Toni Thorne about these daffodils and this highly artistic photo. Says Toni: The photo was taken on January the 17th 2009 at my home in Bristol UK. The Daffodils are bulbs I planted last spring, which have re-shooted this year. The shoots first appeared at the end of December which I was really surprised about. They are growing in a window box on my tiny little balcony at the top of a 3 story block of flats. The balcony is South East facing, so I guess all the daytime sunshine has encouraged them along.

Daffodils are one of my favourite plants, my birthday is in the Spring and the first daffodils of the year really do make me feel positive about becoming another year older.

Early Daffodil in Doncaster, England (in a pot)

Early Daffodil, originally uploaded by Theresa Elvin.

This daffodil in the north of England appears to have a jump on spring. Well, as photographer Theresa Elvin explains: Daffodils do not usually bloom here until March, but this little flower was grown in a pot in a greenhouse, so it has arrived earlier.

This cheerful image was taken on January 18, 2009.

First Daffodil in Spartanburg, South Carolina

First Daffodil! 1.24.09, originally uploaded by Bill's_Eye_View.

This beauty was taken on January 24, 2009, by photographer William Smith. Here's what Bill has to say about the image: This is the first of what will be many later on. The daffodils come up in my backyard every year. They grow close to the edge of the woods. They were not planted by anyone. They may have been in a load of fill dirt, or squirrels may have stashed the bulbs there while storing food for the winter, like they do pecans and acorns.

Last week we had 3" of snow, and temps. in the teens. Today I walk out in my backyard and see this. Nature sure can be amazing!

Daffodil Bulb

Daffodil Bulb, originally uploaded by Vicky Tate.

Photographer Vicky Tate sends us information about this lush January 15, 2009 photo: This photo was taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in the middle of a a very cold week. I bought some bulbs to brighten up a window sill and remind me of spring.

Vicky also says this about planning for future seasons: If you keep watering the plants until flowers fade and the leaves wither, the bulbs can be planted in a sunny spot in your garden to bloom again next spring.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Early in San Jose, California

Just a few warm days is all that's needed, originally uploaded by JanH.
This image was taken in San Jose on January 12, 2009. Jan makes the following comment on her flickr page for this photo (and notes that they usually come up in February): I found these poking up in my front garden this morning-- daffodils! It's been a pretty cold winter so far, so I was surprised to see these! The past few days have been quite warm, so I think they're making a premature appearance.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Early Daffodils in Astoria, Oregon

Advent 365 - January 13, originally uploaded by Danger Amy.

Rose moved the pot from the window to the table. She didn’t want the little ones to get too much sun, and the exercise did them good. She looked at the shoots, one was opening early. If she was lucky, though, it could be saved. Coaxed back to sleep, if only for a week or so.


The photographer DangerAmy tells us about this photo: The photo was taken in Astoria, Oregon on January 13th. It is in my coworker's office.

The words are not mine, they are my friend Harlequinade's, in Copenhagen, for a writing and photography project we are doing.

Here is Harelequinade's link:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It takes a village in London

springing, originally uploaded by shimmer2.

The photographer shimmer2 writes to tell us about this image: The photo was taken in a garden in Thames Ditton, a village on the edge of the Green Belt upstream from London, and these are early flowering narcissi.

This photo was taken on January 13, 2009.

New and Cute in Birmingham, Alabama

Spring is coming..., originally uploaded by blathanna.

Photographer blathanna tells us: These daffodils were planted in November in Birmingham, Alabama. They are either Fortissimo or Gigantic Star, from Brent & Becky's Bulbs (

This image was taken on January 9, 2009.

First Shoots in Eyemouth, Scotland

First Shoots, originally uploaded by Gail Smith.

Artist and poet and photographer Gail Smith sends us these details and thoughts: The bulbs are in the back garden of my father's house which is in a small fishing town called Eyemouth on the south-east coast of Scotland. The soil looks a bit sandy, doesn't it? The photo was taken for the theme of 'New Beginnings'. The daffodil bulbs had lain on the top of the earth for a while following my digging the garden last summer! I replanted them some weeks ago. When I saw the green shoots appear I was fascinated by how something that had appeared 'dead' wasn't. It's amazing how they push up their green shoots through the dark earth.

This photo was taken on January 6, 2009.

Inside Looking Out in Standish, Maine

Daffodil, originally uploaded by sleepy pickle.

Another nice winter-spring composition from someone with a really cool brother. This photo was taken on January 5, 2009.

Photographer sleepy pickle sends along this note: I visited your blog, and I was amazed to see how many people have daffodils outside already! I live in Standish, Maine, so I am extremely jealous of anyone that has live plants outside this time of year.

As a garden junkie myself, I've been trying to pretend that it's not winter. My brother bought me these little potted daffodils to help get me through until my bulbs come up outside in the spring.

First Daffodils in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Jan 5th Daffodils , originally uploaded by griegatlanta.

More daffodils in the southern U.S. with the autumn leaves still looking pretty "fresh" on the ground. This image was taken on January 5, 2009.

Photographer Greg Wehr in Lawrenceville, Georgia tells us: The bed of daffodils is in my front yard and gets the majority portion of the daily sun. The daffodils are your normal yellow trumpet.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Spring is bustin' out in Columbus, Georgia

Daffodil, originally uploaded by Jonathan Payne.

Another January 10 daffodil photo from Columbus, Georgia! We wrote to photographer Jonathan Payne to get the story about these perfect blossoms: Columbus is located in Georgia, about 2 hours south of Atlanta on the western border. It is still early for daffodils, but we've had a quite a bit of warm weather recently which prompted this early showing. To be honest, this is the first one I've seen this year and it just happened to be growing in my yard, poking through an Azalea.

It was an overcast day on Jan 10th and the yellow was standing out sharply to the dull brown background. I grabbed a polarizer, just to see if I could get it to stand out a little more, and grabbed 4 or 5 shots. This was my favorite.

Staffordshire study in gold and white

it's cold outside, originally uploaded by pouletsue.

This radiant photograph was taken on January 5, 2009. We asked the photographer pouletsue for details: "It's cold outside" was taken looking out of my kitchen window in Staffordshire England. I bought a pot of Tete a Tete narcissi in the supermarket to cheer me up during a cold, frosty, and foggy post Christmas spell!

First Daffodils in Columbus, Georgia

1st daffodils of the year !, originally uploaded by ericdege.

More early, early daffodils, this time in bloom and in Georgia. We wrote to the photographer ericdege for details: The photo was taken at about 10:30 in the morning on 10 January 2009 in Columbus, Georgia and are in my neighbor's front yard.. it was interesting (well, to me anyway) that I'd been talking daffodils with a friend just a few days previously and in looking through my photos from last year, had noted that I took my first daffodil photo on 7 February, I thought I had a few more weeks to wait and seeing them that morning was quite a surprise.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Daffodils in Great Falls, Virginia

Early daffodils, originally uploaded by larryhuffman.

Looks like they grow them healthy, good-lookin', and very early in Virginia, judging by this January 4, 2009 photo. We wrote to the photographer Larry Huffman to ask for details: Yep they're in Great Falls, Va. I don't know the variety, but I get them from White Flower Farm in CT, here is the product page ( These are bred for the south apparently. I actually saw some of them coming up in late November, they are on a southern slope and whenever the ground warms up I get some that pop up. I get blooms in early to mid-March and they usually last into late May but the heat kills them pretty quick. I leave the leaves up until late June even though they flop over; I've read that's when they take up nutrients for the following year.

I'm adding a hundred or so every other year to the woods behind my house. I'll post some pics later this year when they come it.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pretty in pots

Thinking of spring, originally uploaded by Culinary Fool.

We wondered if this photograph really was taken in snowy Seattle on January 4. The photographer Culinary Fool explains: Yes I just took the photo today. But they are not outside but bulbs in pots. ;-)

We think her flickr post is all we need to know about this winter season in Seattle: Close your eyes and dream of spring. No that is not more snow falling outside. No it is not!

Jumpin' Daffodils in Monticello, Arkansas

Stand Back, originally uploaded by Jim-AR.

Here's what Jim-AR says on his flickr post aptly titled Stand Back: It's only the fourth day of January and my daffodils are jumping out of the ground.... Been a mighty mild winter in southern Arkansas so far... Cross your fingers....

Jim sent us this additional information: The photo was taken this morning (01/04/09) from one of my daffy beds in my back yard in Monticello, AR (southeastern part of State).. Links to other early photos of daffodils that I made over the past two years are given below:

... and here is Jim's daffodil photostream on flickr.

Monday, January 05, 2009

First daffodils in Yeovil, Somerset UK

Wordsworth woz 'ere..., originally uploaded by elb_the_prof.

We love the story behind this photograph by elb_the_prof, taken January 4 in Yeovil, Somerset UK: I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted these VERY early daffodils this afternoon... So gobsmacked was I that I had to turn the car round so I could come back and take a quick snap.

The professor adds: I'm not a horticulturalist, so have no information about these daffodils other than the fact that even here in the UK, it's far too early for them!

Spring is coming on the Northern California coast

We love the rustic composition of this image. Here's what the photographer sarah northern california says about this January 3 photo: I just found these daffodils. They are on the back porch which I guess I haven't used in the daytime in a while. I bought a barrel of cheap bulbs (150) and stuck them everywhere last year.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Daffodil Bulb

Daffodil Bulb, originally uploaded by imayle.

This photo was taken on November 28, 2008. How beautiful is that? Curious what exactly a bulb is, we looked it up The Great Plant Escape (thanks, University of Illinois Extension Urban Programs Resource Network).

The photographer imayle tells us: It was taken in Columbia, SC in early december when I was potting up some daffodils that I picked up from walmart... I thought it looked so neat up close, so I took a picture of it. :) I got the variety pack, so I'm not sure exactly which specific type it is.

New Year's daffodils on the northern California coast

Daffodil at Point Bonita, originally uploaded by Jeremy Yost.

We can't resist photos with daffodils and water. These new daffodils live just north of San Francisco in Golden Gate National Recreation Area across from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Says the photographer, Jeremy Yost: The photo was taken on New Year's Day. At Point Bonita overlooking Point Bonita Cove at Marin Headlands.

Friday, January 02, 2009

First Daffodils in Dallas

rebirth?, originally uploaded by jypsygen.

Who would ever guess that daffodils and bricks make for such a cool composition? We love the light on the bricks, and the intimacy of the daffodils and the middle brick.

The photographer Jen R tells us: Yes, this is our yard; We just blew the mounds of fallen leaves off, and there they were. The flowers here always seem to think a little too early on that it's time to come up, which isn't strange considering the day after Christmas, Dallas hit a record high of 83. We don't know how long these guys will last, though, since no one can predict the weather in Dallas: "If you don't like the weather, just wait a couple of hours." Barring any potential cold snaps, they should do well, since they are on the south side. Let's hope they make it, so I might have a better photo to offer for your unique blog!

This photograph was taken on January 2, 2009.