Friday, May 09, 2008

Daffodils and Manor House in Warwick, UK

Baddesley Clinton photo used with permission, courtesy of Nala Rewop

Photographer Nala Rewop has posted this Baddesley Clinton photo which seems bathed in an historic light. As he notes, "This atmospheric house dates from the 15th century and has changed little since 1634."

We've always wanted to live in a moated manor house.

Image taken on March 30, 2008. The daffodils add a springtime radiance to the composition, which is why we think this photo positively "rocks" (or should we say, "moats").


Sharon Slaton Howell said...

I love, love, love this site of yours! You have the most glorious photos of daffodils and I am thrilled to get to see them.
Thank you so much for what you are doing here...
Sharon Slaton Howell

i-Spring said...

Hello Sharon. Thanks so much! I am looking forward to starting up this site again in January, not so far off. Yours is a most wonderful comment, and it warms my heart to know people appreciate the site, which has become a favorite child to me!


Sharon Howell said...

Dear I Spring:
It's November 23 here in Tennessee and I have finished planting hundreds more daffodils around our house and in our woods. You may love these glorious flowers more than I do, but I doubt it! Seriously, aren't they just too beautiful for words, though Wordsworth certainly captured their essence. When we left our house in the Boston suburbs and the about 60 daffs in the front flower bed, I was determined to have many more down here, as many as I could plant. Each year I've added more and more, and now cannot wait until Spring!
Keep going with your project. The photos add so much cheer to your viewers.
All the best to you,
Sharon Howell

i-Spring said...

Time for me to start blogging again!

Sharon Slaton Howell said...

First time I've visited your site this year, and delighted to find our favorite flower popping up all over. Thanks for posting lovely photos. And since I just discovered some daffodils in a beautiful park by the Farragut, Tennessee Public Library already out, thought I'd share a little poem penned in honor of these early-blooming beauties.

"Daffodils wild"

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Saw something one ought

Not to be seeing

This early in the year --

Daffodils in full bloom.

But whether January or March,

Is there anything I thought,

Like bright face of daffodil

To melt away winter's gloom?

(As some think of it.)

Doesn't it make your heart sing,

these glories of early spring!

i-Spring said...

Hi, Sharon, I wonder if you would like to post your comment again at the latest post of this blog - for good visibility!

Sharon Slaton Howell said...

Dear I-Spring,
Just found your comment about my posting my comment again. It's April 19 now, and our daffodils are about past here in Tennessee, but still do have some late blooming ones. This year has been nothing short of spectacular with neighbors exclaiming over the very tall, gorgeous King Alfred daffodils in strategic places in our yard. Probably due to a lot of rain earlier, which they must love. Already thinking ahead of planting more next fall. You know how it is: daffy over daffodils.
Again, thanks for this lovely website of yours. It brings a lot of joy to your viewers.

Sharon Slaton Howell
Farragut, TN

i-Spring said...
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i-Spring said...

I mean, I really want current visitors to see your comments, and they'll get lost in this archived post and "old" blog. I wonder if you could post your comment at the front of the blog so it doesn't get lost - since I have a new location of the blog, would you be able to post it at I can post it, but then it doesn't have you as the author :*)