Sunday, April 06, 2008

River Dove and Daffodils, Farndale, UK

Dove and Daffys, originally uploaded by Clayton's kid.

Another kind of dove and daffodils photo. This image was taken on April 4, 2008.


givethemhell said...

Beautiful, how these daffodils grow along the water.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message. I appreciate it.

Have a wonderful Sunday (searching daffodils?),

i-Spring said...

Well, I'm traveling for a few days, so searching as I can - and I am finding daffodils wherever I go in the D.C. area but my photography "cannot hold a daffodil" to the images I find on this flickr tag. Also, on one hour of sleep, I'm seeing multiples of images. It will be a miracle if I type this comment withour errrs. Cheers!

i-Spring said...

Yep. I did make an error! lol

Sharon Slaton Howell said...

Thank you for your gorgeous photo of those daffodils along that stream. I live in Farragut, Tennessee, USA and was looking up Aberdeen due to my knowing a poet there, Raymond Sutherland. His new book, "Life's Tapestry" has a lovely poem on daffodils in it. I have not yet visited Scotland but love it anyway. I know it will blow me away when we get to travel there.
Sharon Slaton Howell
(Pardon me if I type out for you a poem I wrote on this loveliest of all flowers, when we lived in New England.)


April, with its yellow, green and cold
Brings to this England new
Beauty such as Wordsworth saw: O delight!
Daffodils gracing field and pasture,
Daffodils adorning stone walls old.

Gifts of nature fade from mortal view.
But they, like scenes immortal poets
Paint for all eternity,
To mental sight lovely linger,
All year through.

Anonymous said...

A lovely poem Sharon Howell wrote. This is one talented conveyor of what she sees!

Poet said...

A P.S. to the poem I posted, "Daffodils":
It is from my first published book of poetry, "For love of Christ", Tennessee Valley Publishing, Knoxville, TN...2006

Sharon Slaton Howell said...

To: Daffodil lover
From: Sharon Slaton Howell:
A dear friend, Raymond Sutherland, who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, is also a lover of daffodils and has a poem dedicated to same in his new book just out, "Life's Tapestry". See what you think about putting it on your site:

"The Daffodils"

Raymond Sutherland

Facing every which-a-way

By runnels, rills, or swathed on open ground

In some strange ordered disarray

Green garbed golden trumpeters abound

Amidst such noble company as this

To speak would prove how brutish I could be

And break the sweet communion that exists

Between my radiant golden friends and me

Mere words are such laborious, ponderous things

That scarcely can my stammering tongue define

The beauty that is spread around my feet

Love, manifest in colour and in line

So silently and gently I'll begin

That in my life some beauty may adorn

And join them in their wordless eloquence

A silent sennet, prelude to the morn.

First published by Author House
available from:

i-Spring said...

Thanks for sending this sweet tribute along. I love the image/phrase of "radiant golden friends".

Illinois, USA said...

Raymond Sutherland's poem is very well done. I can just see the scene now. Thanks for putting this on your website for daffodil lovers like me to enjoy!

Kent, England said...

Really love your website! And enjoyed the two poems you've posted, the one by Sharon Howell and the other one by Raymond Sutherland.
Keep up your inspired work on behalf of a flower we can't get enough of!

Cardiff, Wales said...

Love Raymond Sutherland's ode to daffodils. A wonderful poem, in my view, and I'm so glad I happened on to it.
Thanks to you for posting it...

Raymond Sutherland said...

This is truly a wonderful site for daffodil lovers. Thank you for printing my earlier poem 'Daffodils.' I have tentatively submitted this one which is on something of the same lines...I'm simply hoping that it brings to mind for the reader, a coloured memory (yellow of course) to brighten up the day when the sun is behind a cloud.

Raymond Sutherland.


They didn't move at all when I walked by
Involuntary...I was forced to pause
They paid no heed but did what they do best
Trumpet paeans of vibrant praise to God

My golden friends gave no regard to me
I wondered where they'd been for quite so long
But then it dawned...that they had been 'below'
Arranging something new...a Springtime song

I still don't know just how the thing was done
So slim...dressed in tight fitting coats of green
A cacophony of silence rent the air
Unexpected...totally unforeseen

Some crocuses...then idly standing by
Decided without bidding to join in
This voiceless vocal bunch burst into praise
A blooming...coloured chorus...oh! the din!

If you'd been there with me the strange thing is
I doubt that you'd have heard this praise profound
Transmitted on the wavelength of the eye
More beautiful by far than that of sound

If only I could be more like my friends
Learning how to love and simply be
That even though I never say a word
Christ's radiance would emanate from me

i-Spring said...

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Thanks for the nice comments about our blog!

Sharon Slaton Howell said...

Well, Raymond Sutherland! Just happened to stop by this wonderful blog dedicated to us who are daffy about daffodils and found another offering from your inspired pen. I love this one. What a blessing it no doubt has been to readers, and will continue to be for those fortunate enough to read it.
Thanks for posting...have a glorious autumn there in Scotland.

Sharon Slaton Howell