Monday, November 24, 2008

Planting Daffodils

This just in from Sharon Howell in Tennessee. This blog is officially "open" for 2009!

Dear I Spring:
It's November 23 here in Tennessee and I have finished planting hundreds more daffodils around our house and in our woods. You may love these glorious flowers more than I do, but I doubt it! Seriously, aren't they just too beautiful for words, though Wordsworth certainly captured their essence. When we left our house in the Boston suburbs and the about 60 daffs in the front flower bed, I was determined to have many more down here, as many as I could plant. Each year I've added more and more, and now cannot wait until Spring!
Keep going with your project. The photos add so much cheer to your viewers.
All the best to you,
Sharon Howell

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