Sunday, December 21, 2008

Daffodils coming up - in England

Daffies!, originally uploaded by Rosie 55
We wrote to Rosie for permission to post this photo, and her reply: "Yes, that would be fine, though you will have to come back in a few weeks to see the flowers!"

And we will...

Rosie answered our question about the photograph with this detailed information:

These are in our front garden, which is at the Southern end of the County of Gloucestershire - about twenty miles North of the city of Bristol. That makes this area a little warmer than much of the UK. And they are shoots of either King Alfreds or white narcissi - which were interplanted by a previus owner. Here is a picture of daffodils in flower in the same position last year - which was taken on 9 March 2008.

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