Thursday, December 18, 2008

December Spring

december spring, originally uploaded by gorgeoux.

We're using the photographer's title of this December 17 photo because it is a perfect title. Mirona says this about the photo:

The photo is taken in our living room in London, yesterday. The daffodils have an amazing fragrance, which I believed until now that was only characteristic to white varieties. Both types of flowers were bought last Sunday at the Farmer's Market on Moxon Street, London (Marylebone).

Mirona has a quote on her flickr page, and it happily applies to her photography: I'm here to live out loud (Emile Zola).

Update: We wondered what is in the red bowl. Here's the answer from Mirona:

There is a floating purple candle in the red bowl, shaped like a snowflake. An early Christmas pressie :) from Habitat (London). It looks great but it doesn't burn so well... Here you can see it better:


daffodilplanter said...

This is a lovely sight to see, especially today on the winter solstice! I just discovered your blog and will enjoy tracking the international progress.

i-Spring said...

Thanks, daffodilplanter. This is precisely how we feel!