Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas daffodils in Japan

From my yard..., originally uploaded by Pine57.

We wrote to Pine 57 in central Japan, asking about this wonderful seasonal photo taken on December 7. Here is the reply:

Thank you for noticing my super early daffodil photo. I've been noticing that this variety starts to bloom around Christmas-New Year in my backyard. December 7 is earlier than usual. The winter is mild in this region with snow only once every 7 years or so. Yesterday morning it was -0.5 C here, which is unusually cold for this area, so this winter may be the one for snow. I live in the central part of Japan, in Shizuoka Prefecture. My other daffodils will definitely bloom in spring, as they should.

In addition, we learned about two daffodil festivals in Japan, one beginning in a few weeks, and one likely in February. We'll post that information at Thanks for all this super information, Pine 57!

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