Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh Really? in Marin County (California)

daffodils, originally uploaded by quince flower.

Just wondering: are daffodils ever out of season in California? We're not sure what the deal is here, and are trying to find out.

Update on December 4, 2008: We just spoke with someone at the Marin County Cooperative Extension and have learned that many naturalized daffodils do, in fact, bloom in the fall in the San Francisco area. Summer is too hot for daffodils. But autumn, these days, feels a lot like spring and the daffodils agree.

This photo was taken on December 2, 2008 by quince flower.


Karen said...

That's nutty! I didn't know you could even grow them in N. Cal, doesn't it have to get down to freezing at least a couple of times to prime them for blooming? Weird to see them in the fall, outdoors anyway!

i-Spring said...

I've written to the photographer to ask "what gives" and also added a comment to an article in a Marin County paper which talked about autumn flora. I'll do additional research if I don't hear anything from these two sources. Also, I'll change the title of the photo!

i-Spring said...

see update to post :*)
apparently, freezing is not required.