Monday, January 26, 2009

水仙 CNY Daffodils

水仙, originally uploaded by Black Angel ❤.

Photographer Yalin has posted a new photo of her daffodils taken today on January 26, 2009 - Chinese New Year (see below post for the original photo and description). We wrote to hear a little bit more about the tale of the daffodil in Chinese tradition:

There are two tales. I try to translate them for you.

In Chinese tale, the daffodils are the avatar of infant EHuang & NvYing. It is said that Emperor Yao have two daughters who are named Ehuang and NvYing. Both Ehuang and NvYing married to the same husband emperor Shun. When the shun die, the Ehuang and NvYing suicide beside the Xiang river for the love. Then their fetches became the daffodils.
In the Jiangzhou city of Fujian province, there is a village is called CaiBan It is a countrywoman who is very kind came across a beggar who hardly died of hungry. But no one knew the beggar is a god. The countrywoman picked him back to her room. And then serve him a bowl of rice. The beggar spit the rice from his mouth suddenly. And the rice became the daffodils.

I am sorry for I can’t translate well. I think you will understand clearlier now. LOL~

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