Monday, January 12, 2009

Spring is bustin' out in Columbus, Georgia

Daffodil, originally uploaded by Jonathan Payne.

Another January 10 daffodil photo from Columbus, Georgia! We wrote to photographer Jonathan Payne to get the story about these perfect blossoms: Columbus is located in Georgia, about 2 hours south of Atlanta on the western border. It is still early for daffodils, but we've had a quite a bit of warm weather recently which prompted this early showing. To be honest, this is the first one I've seen this year and it just happened to be growing in my yard, poking through an Azalea.

It was an overcast day on Jan 10th and the yellow was standing out sharply to the dull brown background. I grabbed a polarizer, just to see if I could get it to stand out a little more, and grabbed 4 or 5 shots. This was my favorite.

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