Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Green Shoots and Tag in Melbourn, England

Green Shoots, originally uploaded by innpictime.

The photographer innpictime took this photo on January 11, 2009. He added the following comment to the flickr post: Wild daffodil shoots appearing. Spring is in sight! (I was going to title this "The Baroness Woz 'Ere" but then thought that was a little unfair! Green shoots news story.)

Innpictime added the following details for us: The photo was taken at the bottom of my back garden in Melbourn, 10 miles south of Cambridge, England.

Off topic, but we have to share this with you --> Innpictime was tagged in the Flickr 16 questions tag game, his Flickr post is a must see, including the comments and photos. Photos were masterfully composed and processed in the darkroom by his mother. We can see he has the photography gene in this comment on a photo taken at Broadstairs 1962: My father took this with my Brownie box camera (you'll recognise that low angle as he held it against his stomach [I must get it out again - I've still got it!]). Mother, at this time, was using an Ilford Advocate, a camera that she loved. It had a white body which made it very stylish and inconspicuous as a camera when most were black (there is one in the Science Museum). I remember it had a heavy body but was very nice to handle. She moved on to an old Leica...

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