Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Money's Worth in Sheffield, UK

Spring is coming!, originally uploaded by ann creasey.

This January 17, 2009 photo was taken by photographer ann creasey, who comments on the flickr post: Bought these daffodil bulbs half price five years ago. They have been beautiful every year since.

Here's additional detail from Ann: It was taken on one of our allotments in Sheffield UK. We have had the plot since Sept 2003 and the bulbs are planted in one side of an old green house we found on the site when clearing the weeds. We just rebuilt the brick work and use it as raised beds.

We bought a sack of bulbs half price at the very end of the season in 03 and they have faithfully produced masses of flowers every spring since. I will take more pictures as the spring goes on. They were up before Christmas this year, I am sure this is early even for them. The bed, being raised, is warmer than the surrounding soil.

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