Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Daffodil in Spartanburg, South Carolina

First Daffodil! 1.24.09, originally uploaded by Bill's_Eye_View.

This beauty was taken on January 24, 2009, by photographer William Smith. Here's what Bill has to say about the image: This is the first of what will be many later on. The daffodils come up in my backyard every year. They grow close to the edge of the woods. They were not planted by anyone. They may have been in a load of fill dirt, or squirrels may have stashed the bulbs there while storing food for the winter, like they do pecans and acorns.

Last week we had 3" of snow, and temps. in the teens. Today I walk out in my backyard and see this. Nature sure can be amazing!

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